Jasmine's Wedding Part II

Here are the pictures from the ceremony and reception. This wedding was a true labor of love! Thanks to all our lovely family members and friends who helped make their day perfect! (Auntie Julie, Woop Woop!!)

Jasmine's Wedding Part I

Here are some snippets from Jasmine and Robert's Wedding in!

Bridesmaid's bouquet
Bridal Suite 



Tahoe Unveiled

In less than 2 weeks, we are heading back up to Tahoe to finalize some plans before winter hits. We are going meet with the caterer at Gatekeeper's, and he is going to explain to us where his set up will be. It is going to be great, as they set up camp on site and cook everything in front of the guests. We also need to come up with a plan for the venue as far as table locations, lighting, tent or no tent, etc go. The caterer will help out a little, but since we live so far away, my dad is going to draw up a map of the grounds so we can plan from afar. The grounds are so big that we can get really creative with how we have our wedding laid out.  We are also attending a bridal show October 16th, called Tahoe Unveiled, so hopefully we get some creative ideas from all the vendors attending.There are some amazing photographers going that I would love to talk to!