Bachelorette Party Day 2

Jasmine & Amber heading to pool Saturday morning
Whose hat is that?
For someone who hates Vegas you look darn happy!

Tracy and Ev!

Alix & Darcie

Ev ballin

Kim and Kristy
Jillian, Kristy, Kim & Aujah

Wave Pool

Lobby of THEhotel

The gorgeous decorations! 
Darci & Casey
Alix at XS


Bachelorette Party Day 1

Darcie & I
My sisters

We got iced!

Alix & I

Jasmine, Darcie & I outside of Margaritaville

Melissa, Sabrina, and Kim at Marquee


Memorial Weekend: Lifeguards vs. Pop Stars

Memorial Weekend 2011 was great. We had a house full of great people staying with us this year. We dressed up like Lifeguards, and the younger kids dressed up like pop stars for the annual Poker Run, but we still did not even come close to winning. I am beginning to think that the contest is rigged!