The Rehearsal

 Our Rehearsal was held Thursday, August 4th at Gatekeeper's. We held it two nights before the wedding since Friday was the river float,  and we thought it would be nice to have Friday night free to relax. Our Officiant, Pamela Camille, was super patient as we wrangled everyone together. With Coors lights in their hands, the guys escorted the ladies down the aisle. There was no assigned order, they just matched up with whoever happened to be in line. We decided to have Darci stand next to me. Jasmine actually thought to do it this way, since Darci was like our big sis growing up, and it felt perfect. After the rehearsal, everyone visited and lingered around for a bit before heading back to the cabin for dinner.We had a rehearsal dinner as crazy as our wedding! My dad cooked an amazing dinner for everyone. We had so many friends and loved ones join us. We had Kit's whole family there, plus a bunch of the friends staying at the house. It was a little overwhelming for me at first, but we had so many helping hands and I finally just stopped and tooka minute to see how many loving friends and family members were surrounding us.  We had a great dinner that transitioned into a huge party. With a prime view of the lake too. We had all the people who were already in town come to the house and there at least 75 people over that night. Some people stayed up later than others, but everyone had a great time. I cannot think of a more perfect place to have the rehearsal dinner. Jeff Collins booked the house, and I will always be so thankful for the Collins' for letting us hold it there.
Walking down the aisle!

Her mother and I do!

Darci, Mom, and Casey

Jasmine & Jade


4th Of July 2011

Iris and the MVP of the Weekend!
Another extreme 4th of July in Tahoe. This was our 2nd Annual Double dirty 30th birthday weekend and Alix hands down wins MVP of the trip. She too the reins again and booked us a gorgeous cabin in Meyers, which is never the easiest job to plan and organize, but we are all so thankful she did. She also stayed up the latest and danced the hardest, so she deserves the title.Kit and I drove up drove up with Dags and Iris. We rested our heads in Bishop, then drove the second leg the next morning. We pretty much drove straight to Chamber's Landing before checking into the cabin. Sean and Kit took a dip in the lake, then we relaxed on the deck. The line for rum-runners was too long so we left to go meet up with Alix. The house was beyond impressive. Indoor pool, elevator, outdoor hot tub. Kit and I unloaded the car then took a cocktail to-go for a nature walk on the trail next to the cabin. The first night, we took off for the Harrah's and Harvey's. We had a dance off in Harrah's with an ex Michael Jackson back up dancer that Darcie knows. From there, we went to Cabo Wabos and watched a cover band. The next day, we took the Nifty 50 Trolley all the way up highway 89 to Chambers Landing. The wait was definitely worth it. and I think the actual Trolley ride was one of the weekend's highlights.After the Trolley mission, we went back to the house for the big BBQ. We somehow ended up with over 40 people in the house. It was like those 80's party movies. Where did all these people come from? None of us live in Tahoe, yet we somehow ended up throwing a mondo house party. We hot tubbed, swam in the pool with a Pomeranian, and of course had a dance party in the movie room. On the 4th, no one was worse for wear so we loaded the cooler, packed our bags, grabbed Willy, and got shuttled to Ski Beach in a Party Bus. We took the back way through Angora Lakes, which I did not think was possible in a vehicle that massive. It was worth it because we bypassed all Hwy 50 traffic. We set up camp in the usual spot. At sundown, Mikey took us in his boat and dropped us off at the docks at Camp Richardson. We watched the fireworks from out table at the beacon, and we somehow made it back to the party bus with no qualms and were shuttled back to the cabin. We attempted to watch True Grit, but I was asleep within the first 30 minutes. We drove home the next day after having brekkie at Sprouts. We had another random mix of people this year, many of whom did not know each other prior, but it is sort of hard not to become fast friends with someone while you are swimming around an indoor pool with a pomeranian on your inner-tube.  Alix's friends are immensely great people, and I can't wait to see them again next summer!

Chamber's Landing
Chamber's Landing

Chamber's Landing

Our Cabin

Snow Plant



Elyse, Kirsten,  and Anjum

Emerald Bay from the Trolley

Trolley Trapezing


Bella and Edward

Iris & Willy

Tasha Thomas