Play Ball!

Few things can top going to a midweek baseball game with your girlfriends. Took the Coaster down to SD for the Padres vs. Atlanta game, caught a fly ball. No big deal.


Photo wall and office space

I've been wanting to create a photo wall in my guestroom for a while now, so last week I set out to finally make this happen. I found a bunch of Slim Aarons prints (more on him in a future post) to give the room a vacation-like vibe. I took a cue from Pinterest (see here) and after a ridiculously long time rearranging them, was able to find an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.  All frames are from Ikea and Aaron's Brothers.


Day 2-Higlights: Hands down the Weinstein home made the weekend. The development, known as the Sandpiper, is an excellent example of mid-century archtecture and provided a nice respite from the craziness of the Polo fields. Other highlights: Fresh squeezed greyhounds, a villa pool party, Stagecoach yoga, Florida Georgia Line, our requisite group pyramid, and Lady Antebellum!