Weekend at the Riviera Palm Springs

Riviera Pool


Amber, Tracy, Racheal, and I in the lounge

Riviera Lobby

Our Team Captain

Rose, Iris, Tracy and myself in the lobby before dinner

Dinner at Lulu's


Meet Scout

Meet Scout! Kit and I adopted him March 9th from the Devore Shelter in San Bernardino. A friend's FB post led me to the shelter's list of available dogs, and after a sleepless night I knew that I had to drive our there and meet him. I truly feel like the Universe gave this dog to us, as I was sent home from work early due to a terrible cold. Instead of going home however, I missed out on the 91 freeway traffic and was in San Bernardino in under an hour. I was so nervous, but proud to be going to a shelter by myself. This is not a fun place, but something had drawn me there that day, and I had to meet the little dog from FB. The incredibly nice worker, who looked like a very kind woman, brought him out to me then left us alone in an enclosure meant for meetings like these. He came waddling right up to me then stretched his front paws as far up my legs as they could go. I kneeled down to him, and without missing a beat he climbed up my legs and held on for dear life, as you can see in the picture below. I started crying, and told him not to worry I would take him home. I called Kit an tears saying that there was no way in Hell I was leaving without this dog, and just told him to trust me on this one. He said ok, I trust you, then I filled out some forms and was told to come back the next day. He is incredible! How could I say no to this guy?