Day 2-Higlights: Hands down the Weinstein home made the weekend. The development, known as the Sandpiper, is an excellent example of mid-century archtecture and provided a nice respite from the craziness of the Polo fields. Other highlights: Fresh squeezed greyhounds, a villa pool party, Stagecoach yoga, Florida Georgia Line, our requisite group pyramid, and Lady Antebellum!



Stagecoach Day 1

Stagecoach 2013 was predictably crazy.  Day 1 Highlights: Jeff Bridges, the Sand Piper, Swag bags, an intoxicated Toby Kieth, free Coors Light, Misters, and my outlaw friends for making spiked lemonades on-site.

Where are the swans?

Katrina when she found out is was a 40 minute walk

Jameson Tent Photobomb

Katrina or Cindy Crawford in the 90's Diet Coke ad?

Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels


Top Ten Girl's Getaway Movies

In honor of Spring Break, here is a list of my Top Ten Girl's Getaway Movies. I love traveling with my husband-but nothing takes the place of all-girl's weekend.  Check these films out to help inspire your next ladies-only getaway.

1. Shag the Movie


2. Sex and The City  (Pt. 1)

3. The Sweetest Thing

4.Spring Breakdown

6. Romy & Michelle's Highschool Reunion

7. Beaches

8. A League of Their Own 

9. Blue Crush

10. Where the Boys Are