Honeymoon Down Under: Sydney

Sydney Opera House
After leaving Tahoe, we had about 4 hours to pack for the honeymoon before Chase picked up for the ride to LAX. We were so excited to start the honeymoon that neither of us really gave much thought into what a long haul we were up against. We toasted each other at the airport bar then eagerly boarded the Quantas flight that would take us first to Auckland then to Sydney. The flight itself was great. We watched movies, slept, and relaxed. Kit woke me up when we crossed the international dateline, a first for me. When we landed in Auckland, we left the airport to go see the harbour, but were surprised to learn that our layover was cut in half from 8 hours to 4 hours, so we had to go back inside through security, where they made me throw away my shampoo and conditioner. What was legal carry on size in the US was not in New Zealand. It ended up being a good thing in the end because later on in the trip I would go on to find my new favorite hair products, which I will continue to order from Australia. We took the subway directly from the airport to our hotel. We were feeling pretty sluggish but perked up when the train popped out of the tunnel to reveal an incredible view of Sydney harbor and the Opera House. I will never forget how dramatic it all looked at night upon seeing it for the first time. We stayed only two stops away from Circular Quay and the Rocks which ended up being really convenient. One thing I did not prep very well for was the weather in Sydney. I packed for more of a warm weather trip, even though it was nearing spring down there, and was told it would be like winter in Hawaii. It was a bit cooler than that, but I managed just fine. I was surprised at how metropolitan the fashion was in Sydney. The woman were dressed for winter in Manhattan, even though it was upward of 70 degrees. They wore puffer vests, scarves, and boots out while I was out in rainbow sandals.
Landing In Auckland after the 13 hour flight

Maori Welcome sign

Day 1 in Sydney

Sydney looked like a mix between NYC and Honolulu.

Circular Quay

The Rocks, Sydney

The Rocks, Sydney



Our reception was so much fun! Once the picture frenzy calmed down, we started to relax, unwind, and enjoy the party. Everyone seemed to convene around the ceremony site at first, and I was so happy that this was where we chose to have our wedding. It was perfect. One of my favorite memories of the day was seeing friends and family from all areas of our world all in one place. Without going to the bar all night, I managed to have a glass of champagne in hand at any given moment. (Thanks Cheri and Iris!) It was really was a perfect Sierra Summer afternoon and we could not have asked for better weather. On top of this, we had Mammoth Mix and Sierra Slings being served, Bocce and bean bag toss set up on the lawn, and lots of little kids running around having fun in the great outdoors. The lake was glassed off, and that made for some amazing pictures with the photo booth that Rob and Luke set up  (pictures to come in an other post). It was great to watch everyone pose and take advantage of the view!
We snapped a few ourselves before walking over to the reception area. It took my breath away. My family and all their friends, Cec, Ryan, Darci, Amber, Wade, Cat, Iris, Sabrina, and Stacy did such an amazing job setting it all up. We could not have done it without any of them, and I will forever be grateful! Kit and I danced our first dance to "Angel Dream" by Tom Petty. The Beach Boys danced our father daughter dance to “Surfer Girl”. Kit and Susie's Mother-Son dance was a song written and sung by Mitch Rolling called "Island Girl." Mitch was their family dive master in Grand Turk, so it was really special that we found his music to play for their mother-son dance. Ryan gave the most incredible speech ever and had the whole crowd laughing. My dad made an amazing toast to us as well then came another bonus speech from my mom. Who claimed that she wanted to be "equal.” Ha. Dinner was incredible. Mountain Magic blew my mind with how tasty everything was. After we ate, Jason, the greatest DJ ever, started playing "California Girls" by Katy Perry, and within a few minutes the dance floor was packed, and that is how it stayed for the rest of the night. I "iced" Kit during the garter toss, which was awesome. Sean Dunlap caught the garter, and Kristy Michaels caught the bouquet, although she handed it off to Callie, so Callie and Sean shared a little dance together. Once the dance floor slowed down, everyone convened across the street at the Bridgetender. From there, Kit and I went to the Resort at Squaw Valley. I have never felt more blessed to have been showered in so much love and support from our friends and family.