Christmas 2011

The week before Christmas found us kicking off the holidays by taking out a sailboat for the Newport Beach Boat Parade. It was freezing out, but we had a great time. The Sponge Bob themed boat was my favorite. On Christmas Eve, the entire family went to see White Christmas  at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. It was a tremendous production, and having not seen the movie made it even more fun since I did not know the story. I did however know some of the songs they performed. It was set in the 1950's, one of my favorite eras. It was ironic that the setting of the play was set in a Vermont ski lodge with no snow, because the weather we experienced over the Christmas holiday this year was almost identical. The song's in the play definitely made me feel more 'festivous'. After the play, we all went to my family's house and enjoyed a great dinner, watched Elf, and  played Things in a Box with the cousins. It was a great way to spend the night, and I am so glad we were all together, since it was the first Christmas without Grandpa. This was the first Noel for Kit and I. Although he had to fly out to Sedona later in the day, it was  nice to spend the morning together. After waking up at the house, Kit and I went to my parents to open gifts. We drank Baileys and Coffees, ate cinnamon rolls, and opened gifts with Christmas Vacation playing in the background. (Another solid Pearson family tradition). Kit gave me a pair of Hunter boots, and although we were all shocked at the bright red color (he thought he ordered black) I decided I loved them. We got Kit an Kindle but forgot to give it to him! (I did not realize this until later that night). After dropping Kit off at the airport, we all went to the neighbors house for Brett and Danae's 3rd Annual neighborhood Christmas Day party. They had a bloody Mary and Mimosa bar set up, and it was fun to spend the afternoon playing with all the  kids and enjoying the good company. We are fortunate to have such a fun block. It feels like an extended family and I look forward to growing our family someday.
Sponge Bob

Jasmine & Jade

The Smith's Christmas Card: Javelina's in Sedona!


Winter 2012

 Board, boots, bindings, jacket and pants. My order is in, now we just have to wait and hope that we have an amazing winter-fest like last year. I ordered the Burton Feelgood Flying-V. The Burton Feelgood that I rode 10 years ago was hands down my favorite board, so I am getting excited to see how I like this one, as I have never ridden a camber or rocker board before. I was talked into trying the EST bindings too,. Hope those compounded with my new board does not make for a squirrely setup. Kit said it may be at first because of the rocker, but I am just happy to finally have my new gear! Now, we just need some snow.


Dandridge Jacket

Stiletto EST bindings.

Feelgood Flying V 149


Napa and Tahoe

In mid October Kit and I went to South Lake for Mikey and Tasha's wedding. We stayed in SF Friday night before heading up to the lake, and since we were in the area we pit stopped in Sonoma for a quickie wine tasting. The weather was gorgeous up in Tahoe, which was incredible since last year at that time they had snow. The wedding was on the Tahoe Queen, and Tasha looked beautiful, and Mikey was happier than I had ever seen him. It makes me happy when good people find good love. The dinner was awesome, we sat with Bobby, his girlfriend Lindsay, and Mark. Once we docked, everyone cruised into the Riva Grill for the after party. It was a Rum Runner infused evening for me, and so the next morning we ate at the new Red Hut near the Village for greasy post party dinner. We took off  after paying Cec & Errol a visit to get back to Marin. Once back to the city we ate at Umami Burger in the Marina with Jeff, then made our way to Darcie and Ryan's house in Sausalito. Ian and Danielle came over too and we had a  dinner that night to celebrate their engagement. Yup, Ian popped the question over the weekend. We are so happy for them and cannot wait to celebrate their big day with them. Hopefully in Brazil????