Hello 2012

The 5th Annual Mammoth NYE trip started off a little different than years past. Since there was no snow in town, we had to come up with other ways to entertain ourselves. Kit and I only rode 3 out of the 6 days we were there, a record low for us this time of year. I was riding my new board with factory wax, and felt like I was ice-skating most of the time. What a deathtrap! We dealt with the painstaking lack of snow by hanging in the lodge a LOT more usual, having in-house dance parties, playing Things in a Box, and consuming the requisite Mammoth Mixes. Luke and Jeff cooked us another impressive New Year's Eve dinner. Once finished those omnipresent Mammoth Mixes started flowing again before heading to Mammoth's Eagle Lodge party. Happy New Years! Hoping 2012 ushers in every good thing  you want it to.

Kelly & Aussie Dane
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. In December. No snow. Anywhere.

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