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New York Part 1

In March I went out to New York to take part in a Martha Stewart web series called I Do My Do. I spent 8 days out there shooting the series, eating tons of food, and visiting friends.  I met some amazing people that week, and got a little help for the wedding as well. The first night, I  met up with Fran, Darla, Matt and Sarah for some drinks after I dropped off my luggage at the hotel. On day 1, we went to Rue 57 with the producers, Phil and Marilyn. We were told to meet in the lobby of our hotel, and it was there that I met the 3 other brides, Erica, Genise, and Meshay. They were all super sweet, and we were got to know each other a little better over lunch. (Rue 57 reminded me of Balthazar. YUM.) From there, Genise and I took a cab to the Met. We walked through my favorite area, the Oceania room, then through the Boroque rooms followed by a quick tour upstairs before they closed. (It was Sunday, so they closed early.) We followed that up with a walk in Central Park. I love it there so much! We left the park and ogled the window displays on 5th. I could not believe the Luis V. windows. Woodland critters fashioned out of bags and purses. Amazing!!! We walked to the Plaza before leaving the area and had a glass of wine in the Oak Bar. I could not stop thinking of Jasmine and her Home Alone impersonations. Ding Dang Dong. For dinner we went to Eataly, Mario Battali's new uber-restaurant. Eataly was amazing! It is a melange of restaurants, markets, charcutterie, fromage, wine, beers, and baguettes. There was something for everyone!  There are 5 dining experiences all under one roof, plus the plus the more formal Manzo.We chose the eat at Il Peshe, the fish restaurant. The raw sea scallops we ordered were incredible. We called it a night from there and walked back to our hotel to get some sleep.

The Plaza

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