Wedding Day

Before the ceremony, Kit and I chose to break tradition and see each other. We debated back and forth on whether or not to do so, but circumstances out of my control (and there were a few) led us to change our minds and do a "first look" at the house where the groomsmen were staying in Carnelian bay. In hindsight, I could not be happier with our choice to do it this way. Any nerves I had were soothed the second I saw him, and I was able to enjoy the setting and the day even more because of this. We got some amazing pictures because the house had panoramic views of the lake. It was incredible. Trevor and Lisa drove us to the wedding site, where I met my parents at the little cabin at Gatekeeper's before walking down the aisle.


Truckee River Float

 The day before the wedding, we organized a group float on the Truckee River. We had called it off the night before due to low river flow, but Jeremy called and said that the River did indeed open that morning, so after about 30 phone calls and a quick stop to the store, almost 40 people assembled at the Truckee River raft company, Mountain Air Sports. It was a really fun, albeit long float due to low river flow, but everyone had a blast. I was giddy seeing everyone together and loved having this time to relax and spend time with our friends.Most of us rented rafts, but a few people went in tubes. That seemed the way to go because those of us in rafts kept getting stuck on the bottom, and had to push ourselves off.  Midway through the float,  we stopped on a sandbar and Kit gave a little toast to everyone for coming out and celebrating. I had Callie and Kaden on my boat for most of the trip, but she got to go with the big girls on their boat. Tracy, Kelly and Ev, you definitely have a new team Captain!!! The float ended at the River Ranch, where we met up with Pat and Rachael, and Heather and Greg. I love that place! And a special thanks to Jeremy and Damian for buying me the Rum Runner that I really did not need!

Mountain Air Sports

Yeah Dags


The Rehearsal

 Our Rehearsal was held Thursday, August 4th at Gatekeeper's. We held it two nights before the wedding since Friday was the river float,  and we thought it would be nice to have Friday night free to relax. Our Officiant, Pamela Camille, was super patient as we wrangled everyone together. With Coors lights in their hands, the guys escorted the ladies down the aisle. There was no assigned order, they just matched up with whoever happened to be in line. We decided to have Darci stand next to me. Jasmine actually thought to do it this way, since Darci was like our big sis growing up, and it felt perfect. After the rehearsal, everyone visited and lingered around for a bit before heading back to the cabin for dinner.We had a rehearsal dinner as crazy as our wedding! My dad cooked an amazing dinner for everyone. We had so many friends and loved ones join us. We had Kit's whole family there, plus a bunch of the friends staying at the house. It was a little overwhelming for me at first, but we had so many helping hands and I finally just stopped and tooka minute to see how many loving friends and family members were surrounding us.  We had a great dinner that transitioned into a huge party. With a prime view of the lake too. We had all the people who were already in town come to the house and there at least 75 people over that night. Some people stayed up later than others, but everyone had a great time. I cannot think of a more perfect place to have the rehearsal dinner. Jeff Collins booked the house, and I will always be so thankful for the Collins' for letting us hold it there.
Walking down the aisle!

Her mother and I do!

Darci, Mom, and Casey

Jasmine & Jade